Climate bike is used in – U.K (winter excepted). The bike was used for pleasure only and covered around 2,000 miles annually.

   Bikes once owned CB250G5, CB400F, VF400, VF500 II. Passed motorcycle test on Sisters C70 step through.

   Original project CB400F started November 1998, completed February 2001.

   Last project 1967 Honda C50 step through. All restoration work completed in 2007, only requires an MOT test.

   What happened to SVY224P? my original CB400F – last seen 1989 in Knaresborough.

   Buying back in 1976 Honda dealers in York were Alan Mountain of Holgate road and Shearsmith’s on Blossom street, both now consigned to the history books. I have managed to keep this dealers emblem from one of my bikes and for completeness here it is.

   Describe myself as an enthusiastic home mechanic living in North Yorkshire. I undertook the task of restoring a basket case CB400F knowing very little and learning as I went along. While not beyond anyone’s capability, I would recommend buying a complete working example, you will save time, money and have just as much fun. A concourse restoration will cost upwards of £10,000!!! The engine is by far the most easily restored item. Restoring a spare engine in 2005 cost less than £500. I prefer to ride my bikes rather than wrapping them in cotton wool just to show them, it can always be re-built again.

   Modern bikes I’d like to own – Yamaha MT-07, Honda CB650 or Suzuki SV650

   Biggest mistakes has to be the engine paintwork that has yellowed & overfilling with fuel damaging the tanks paintwork.

   Recognition of work – came when Practical Sportsbikes Magazine Editor wanted to run an article for the September 2011 issue. The article is still available in MCN’s archive

   My CB400F – Rory Game photograph courtesy of Practical Sportsbikes Magazine

   My CB400F ridden by Gez Kane – Rory Game photograph courtesy of Practical Sportsbikes Magazine

My 1970’s TT leathers jacket, AKA “Easyrider jacket”. Available in 2011 £199 from same company now called Scott leathers.

Special thanks go to the “Workshop John’s” for all their engineering advice and help.

Bringing everything up to date in 2021

I was replacing a leaking gasket on the lower cylinder block and had to re-assemble in a hurry due to job & house loss. During the eviction, I damaged one of the oil rings and ended up having to sell it on at a rock bottom of £1,500.

Now just have a modern CB400SF-V ABS as I’m too old to maintain a classic now.