Rear shock absorber springs were re-chromed and new dampers fitted (no longer available). Hagon make reasonably priced replacement shocks, black body with chrome spring for this bike. A high quality replacement shock absorber is available from Ikon (formerly Koni) and is of course more than twice the price. David Silver spares has Rising Sun replica shocks for anyone wanting to preserve the original look.

Stainless top mounting bolts, modified for bungee straps

    Front fork stanchions were replaced after previous owner used an angle grinder to remove rust spots!. Oil seals in the lower leg are easy to remove. Pattern oil seals were fitted and a small leak on the right hand leg appeared after only 500 miles and both seals were leaking at 2,000 miles. I have now fitted genuine Honda seals, only a few pence more and seem to be an improved design with a new part number 91255-413-881 Oil seal, 33x46x11. No leaks so far after 19,150 miles!

   Some owners choose to fit rubber gaiters to prevent stone chips and corrosion damaging the fork seals. Problems can arise if any moisture gets inside and accelerate the problem and in my opinion they are unsightly.

   Fork oil I’ve heard good results from a rider using SAE 15 Ohlins fluid, good damping and very low stiction. In 2009 I’m trying fully synthetic SAE5, damping is border line and will re-fill with the usual SAE10 next major service.

Tips:-    Warming the lower leg to around 75°C in domestic oven will help seal removal. DO NOT overheat as this may cause the crystalline metal structure to alter and weaken.

   Remove the bottom retaining bolt with the spring still under tension. It is easy to remove with an air tool, I’ve had success using my impact driver.

   Getting exact fluid amounts in both stanchions. Remove springs from each leg, slightly over fill with fork oil. Mark a lenght of tube 140mm from the end and insert to that mark. Now syphon off the excess fluid from each leg. NOTE: Not sure this works. feedback suggests it doesn’t, I’ll have to give it a go at next oil change to verify.

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