2021 Version of Honda 400 in-line four

Honda has been making the VTEC 400 from 1998. Over the years they added fuel injection, catalytic convertor, ABS, LED lighting and a new coat of paint each year. Still one of the best selling bikes in Japans home market. It is also available as Bol d’Or variant.

Maybe too manic for the UK’s ageing motorcyling fraternity and Honda would likely need to price it less than cost for it to sell. UK model is almost identical but has a 1300cc engine, too powerful/big & heavy for my liking.

I have a 2012 version and can’t fault it. Paid 3,900GBP in Japan 2013, total 6,900GBP landed in the UK & on the road. Bought unused ex shop soiled at auction using recommended provider below. So far 22,000 faultless miles, between 60 to 80mpg & very low depreciation due to the rarity factor.

Maybe available once more in 2021 as Honda has updated to EURO5 spec. emissions. It is easier for a VTEC engine to meet emissions targets than a standard engine. There are also rumours that Honda will soon consign the in-line four to the history books by 2025

Dare say I’d have been better getting an off road trials bike with the state of the roads!

FVEJ auction website