Leather care I use Gliptone liquid leather cleaner followed by Gliptone conditioner & waterproofer. Softens the leather and smells like new again! mmm.

Visor care I always place a soapy wet cloth over the visor for 30 minutes to soften up the flies. This has helped keep a scratch free visor for the life of the helmet.

Neck warmer with Thinsulate. Thoroughly recommended for the UK climate and ageing bones.

Denim Jeans help you look back in the 1970’s, problem is safety. Have a look at a modern alternative Hood Jeans

Gloves with Thinsulate and Sheltex keep hands much warmer thanks to the windproof membrane. The downside of the membrane is keeping it in place, this can make pulling on the glove difficult if your hands are damp.

Helmets do not keep for ever, 6 years maximum. The linings and plastics they are constructed of age over the years. UK riders look out for the 5 star Sharp rating