Top case Givi have a good range of cases of all shapes & sizes. I chose the E350 with rear brake light. A medium sized case with large reflector and good quality, it can take a full face helmet, boots & jacket with careful packing. OK it may spoil the classic lines of my machine but, it is great not having to carry a helmet etc. around with you.

   Self cancelling indicator device Safer Turn manufacture this useful lifesaver and have other gadgets in their range. Since replacing the console BA9 indicator lamps for high brightness LED replacements I no longer seem to forget to cancel the indicators.

   Alarm I fitted is from Datatool a compact 2 type. Space for any accessory is at a premium, the only place I could find was between the rear fender by the swinging arm.

   Fork leg protectors are recommended to stop stone chips on the chrome sliders. Cheap, simple to fit and a great idea.

   Registration plate (UK ONLY) The original style with 2.5″ black pressed letters on a 9″x7″ reflective yellow plate, see links.